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What should you wear?

Ever book a session, and then wonder, “what am I supposed to wear?” That’s okay, it’s completely normal! Sometimes it can get confusing trying to figure out what to get the family in! Even if you are just a couple, you don’t want to clash! Well, here is my advice: Wear what you want! I mean take it easy on the shirts with big obvious words on them. Also, unless it’s themed toward your shoots, avoid ball caps and hats. Other than that, if YOU feel comfortable, then that’s what matters. You want to wear a floral or patterned dress and your hubby wants to wear a plaid shirt, by all means, go ahead! Want to go with all solids, great choice! The one thing you want to pay attention to is that the colors match, or go together. Try picking one or two base colors that go along well together and throw together outfits from there. Still having trouble? Pinterest has a lot of ideas! Still can’t decide? Email your photog for some helpful hints depending on the season. I’d love to help you decide.

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